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About the girl…

Hello world!  I’m Jessy Senti, the girl behind the blog.  I’m from Minnesota, but I’m about to move to Europe (Malta).  I’m married to my favorite person in the world, Jason Senti.  He is an electrical engineer turned poker player turned poker industry professional.  We have been together for 14 blissful years (married for 8).  We currently only have one furry child, Doggert, but we dream of starting a family someday soon.  Career wise, I’m Holly Becker’s, founder/creator of decor8, Assistant and Project Coordinator, I blog here and at Style Tastemakers, and my sister and I dream of starting a business together (many more details to follow, I’m sure).  I spend the majority of my time being creative in some capacity, but most notably I love to decorate, craft, play with flowers, and plan adorable gatherings.

About the blog…

I started the old Serendipitous Things in February of 2011.  I was a former Interior Design student turned History major that desperately missed a creative outlet, so I started a lifestyle/personal blog.  Over the years I ran out of things to talk about and lost my passion for blogging, but with our recent move to Malta, I’ve decided to pick this blog back up again.  This will be my place to share what life in Malta is like and to document our travels throughout Europe.

I hope you all enjoy your time here!


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